Cybersecurity | Information Assurance | Logical Security 

In today’s marketplace, the pace of technology can easily outpace the efforts of those dedicated to keeping its use safe for the organizations and people who rely on it in the course of their work day and personal lives.

As a long-standing provider of technological solutions that bring the latest advances into the hands of our customers, LVW has a unique perspective as to the application of logical security to integrated systems. LVW believes that the basic purpose of any integrated system is to provide the benefit of the function it was designed to provide – not simply to be secure for security’s sake.

Nonetheless, it is important to address logical security concerns to minimize the risk of a data breach or worse. Organizations both large and small are going on the offensive daily to stem the rising tides of cybercrime. Cybercriminals are doing the same, and integrated electronic systems are just one of many attractive targets on their horizon. As such, a successful security program is always evolving to anticipate current and future threats. LVW understands the initiative process of layered security, whether applied logically or physically (or both) and brings this expertise to our customers. Effective Risk Management is the core of LVW’s logical security service offerings.

As such, LVW has developed a strong, integrated and thoughtful approach to cybersecurity that places an emphasis on risk analysis, threat reduction and a strong engineering process. In this manner, LVW is able to build in logical security into our technical solutions that minimizes the risks facing our customers, while still allowing for the cutting-edge performance they expect and deserve. We perform threat modeling and risk based security services to protect our client’s information, while maintaining the highest levels of operational capability. 

LVW has a staff whose accomplishments include IAT-I through IAT-III level certifications, certified ethical hacker certifications, and years of experience with industry-standard cybersecurity practices, as well as the Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and the Risk Management Framework (RMF).

LVW Logical Security Areas of Emphasis:

  • Cyber Risk Assessment / Threat Reduction – LVW provides expert evaluation of potential cyber-attack scenarios and corresponding mitigation strategies. The process includes a holistic, systemic review, from strategy and business processes to IT and security infrastructures, policies and procedures. LVW develops a detailed picture for our clients that can then be used to implement realistic, practical and cost-conscious solutions to help deter intrusions, misuse, computer fraud, and industrial espionage. As a small business, LVW knows that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to security. Threats must be clearly identified, risks comprehensively assessed, and mitigation plans must be adapted to the unique requirements of each organization.
  • Network Design and Validation – LVW’s logical security experts understand the networking technologies of routers, switches, firewalls, logical intrusion detection systems (IDS), servers, workstations, authentication, encryption, end-point protection, cloud computing, application security, and how they are used to enable a more secure business. LVW also understands that the reason your network exists is to support your business in its day-to-day operations. This operational perspective allows us to design networks flexible enough to meet your needs while maintaining the integrity, security, and stability of the network.
  • Subject Matter Expertise - LVW is powered by cyber security professionals with decades of experience across the cyber domain. Our team includes former cyber technologists for large government and national organizations, who have held key roles in building the architectures and infrastructures necessary to secure large, high-risk networks. LVW’s experts also have critical experience with small, medium and large private organizations, working with a wide variety of system owners and users over the years. The depth and breadth of LVW’s expertise can be leveraged to help your organization meet your own logical security needs, or can be used to supplement your support of other organizations and customers in this critical area.
  • Certification & Accreditation – LVW’s Information Assurance (IA) engineering group holds professional certifications and has relevant prior experience necessary to navigate the sometimes confusing paths that lead to the ability to connect to Government information systems. With extensive experience with the DIACAP and the more recent standards provided for in the National Institutes of Technology and Science (NIST) RMF, as well as their application at the system owner and user levels, LVW is uniquely positioned to support your organization as it works to accredit information systems at any stage of the process.
  • Cloud Computing - Like it or not, the cloud will become a larger and larger part of how organizations deal with their critical and non-critical information. This opens up a new set of security concerns because the data no longer resides in your controlled environment. LVW helps your organization make informed decisions by communicating the risks of cloud computing, helping you choose the right solution, and by managing the potential risks involved. Whether this means targeted intrusion detection or prevention, log analysis for situation awareness, or counter-attack systems, LVW is ready to help you navigate the future of data management.