04 OCTOBER 2013

Denver, CO – Colorado-based small business LVW Electronics' newly-installed sound system at Denver’s Pepsi Center was featured in the first regular-season feature piece by the Denver Post, highlighting the successful end result of a rapid-paced engineer-furnish-install-and-test (EFI&T) project that completely replaced the in-house sound systems at the world-class sporting and entertainment venue. A link to the article on the Denver Post website can be found here. 

Home to the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche and site to numerous music and performing arts events over the course of any given year, the Pepsi Center is the region’s premier locale for high-visibility entertainment and has a distinct and considerable requirement for world-class professional-grade audio that can be relied upon for performance and sound quality at all times. Out of a number of other qualified firms, LVW alone was selected to provide the EFI&T of the sound system in the spring of 2013, with the caveat that the entire project be completed by the beginning of the center’s fall 2013 line-up. LVW’s sound engineers and technicians worked day and night all summer long to ensure a streamlined installation of the new sound system. In addition to the sound system, the Pepsi Center was simultaneously updating many of the other Audio-Visual systems and other amenities in a successful effort to bring the facility on to the cutting edge of arena technology. LVW worked hand-in-hand with the Pepsi Center’s highly experienced technical personnel as well as those of the various other contractors and consultants involved with the wide range of upgrades to the facility that were being put in place at the same time, resulting in a cost-effective, goal oriented project performance that few other businesses could hope to match.

A complete replacement effort, LVW installed the rigging, speaker arrays, subwoofers, controls, cabling and digital signal processing systems that allow the Pepsi Center personnel to both enliven sporting events as well as to draw marquee entertainment acts to the region. LVW’s quick and painless installation efforts were the result of the kind of attention to detail and customer satisfaction that LVW is known for in the professional audio world. Where the Denver post found the flawless playback of the Thin LIzzy hit to be emblematic of the Avalanche’s return to the regular season on a high note, the same could be said for the Pepsi Center, returned from its off season bigger, better, louder and crisper than ever before.

LVW Consulting at the Pepsi Center