Operations & Maintenance

Providing a functional system that satisfies the initial needs of our customers is only the beginning. We at LVW know and understand the value of establishing a dedicated maintenance schedule for our advanced systems and field devices, as well as any associated electro-mechanical systems they may control. With proper operation and maintenance, initial costs are balanced with years of worry-free functionality. Simply put, if you take care of something and make sure to use it properly, it lasts longer and you get more for your money.

LVW has a track record of over 25 years providing maintenance and service plans for our customers. Our clients include individual homeowners, small businesses, major corporations, educational institutions, hospitals and local and stae government facilities. LVW also has a proud history of successful on-site presence at US Department of Defense installations both home and abroad, providing routine, preventative and emergency maintenance services for our armed services. LVW is a proud provider of monitoring services, as well, working hand-in-hand with security and police personnel world-wide to deliver peace of mind to our customers, whoever they are and whatever their mission.

With ongoing maintenance and service contracts in over two dozen states and abroad, coupled wiht our no-nonsense small business philosophy, LVW can provide our customers with the kind of peace-of-mind that only true comprehensive serivce agreements provide, and still be as near as a single phone call away at all times. 

  • On-Site LVW Maintenance and Operation
  • Monitoring (wireless, local and central station)
  • 24/7 On-Call Support
  • Service Plans
  • State-of-the-Art Computer Maintenance Management Systems - LVW's systems allow a scalable amount of customer interface with the maintenance processs, depending on budget and operational requirements: 
    • Internet-Based Trouble Ticket and Service Order Systems
    • Computerized Asset Management
    • Real-Time Reports
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Inventory / Spares Management
  • Maintenance and Service Plans Available for a Wide Range of Systems and Facilities:
    • Low Voltage Systems
    • Communications Systems
    • Physical Security Systems
    • Active Vehicle Barrier Systems
    • Commerical HVAC / Utility Control Systems